Steam Cleaning & Leather Conditioning

Steam Cleaning & Leather Conditioning


Steam Cleaning & Leather Conditioning 

Steam Cleaning

Prices Start From $30 per Mat/Seat

If your carpets or mats that have been heavily soiled or stained, are full of ground in dirt and dog hair, no amount of vacuuming will be enough to remove these contaminants.

Fabric upholstery seats that are stained from food or drink, or have ground in dirt will also require steam cleaning.

With the use of our special carpet shampoo and extraction liquids, as well as our wide range of brushes and tools, we are able to lift the stain from the carpet and fabric. The end result is the complete extraction of dirt, stains, bacteria and odours.


Leather Conditioning 

Prices Start From $100

It is important to take good care of your interior leather. As leather is a natural product, it will gradually deteriorate over time due to drying out and general wear and tear.

Our leather treatment begins with a thorough cleaning process to remove dirt and grime which gradually builds up over time.

Once clean, we moisturise your leather with our special conditioner which enables the leather to maintain its soft natural character and protects it from drying out, cracking or staining.

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