Interior Detail

Interior Detail


Interior Detail

Prices Start From $190


Been to the beach? Have kids? The interior detail is an ideal service for you if you have a build up of sand, stains, dog hair and crumbs.

We start by giving the outside of your car a wash, which is included within the service. We then thoroughly vacuum the seats and carpet, taking particular care to reach all the hidden nooks and cranny’s, which are normally overlooked during regular interior cleaning.

Our team then steam clean your carpet and mats, or steam clean your vehicles seats/ leather condition your seats. This process removes all dirt and stains, returning the leather or fabric/carpet back to a super clean state which is as good as new.

The leather treatment begins with a thorough cleaning process to remove dirt and grime which gradually builds up over time. Once clean, we moisturise your leather with our special conditioner which enables the leather to maintain its soft natural character and protects it from drying out, cracking or staining.

Once this is completed, all interior trimming, consoles and dash are cleaned with our special interior liquid, reaching those hard to get to places such as vents. We then finish off with a gloss, wiping down all surfaces, leaving a truly satisfying result.



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