Full Detail

Full Detail

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Have you just purchased a used car? Are you selling your car?  Or do you just want to bring your car back to show room condition? Our Full Detail will bring your vehicle back from the dead! If you want the ultimate wow factor and Rolls Royce service, this one is for you.

First up we complete the Cut and Polish. A Cut & Polish is the ultimate service required to get your paint back to show room condition. As years go by, your paint gradually ages with the exposure to sun, dirt, bugs and wear-and-tear, this effectively eats away at your clear coat, exposing the paintwork underneath, resulting in scratches, and a dulling or change of colour.

Regular washing and waxing, as well as garaging helps slow this process, but eventually a cut and polish is needed in order to restore your car’s surface and shine. It’s a terrific way to increase the value of your car if you’re thinking about selling, or to simply restore that true colour and shine it once had. Either way, it’s bound to turn heads.

Cut and polishing is a multi stage process that takes place after carefully washing and applying a clay bar to the paintwork, removing all contaminants, completely detoxing your paint. One of our experienced staff will then apply a buff machine to the freshly cleaned surface, with the addition of cutting compounds to remove scratches and blemishes from your paintwork.

Once the paint is free of scratches and abnormalities, we apply our high quality polish and wax by hand, then buff it again to bring out the shine and protect the finish of your car. This is a multi stage, multi hour hour process, which brings incredible results.

Once the Cut and Polish is complete, we clean the engine bay of any oil spills or grease, carefully detailing piece by piece without harming any of the electrics. At the same time another member is at the opposite end of the car, carefully and thoroughly cleaning the spare wheel compartment.



The next stage is the interior detail. We start by thoroughly vacuuming the seats and carpet, taking particular care to reach all the hidden nooks and cranny’s, which are normally overlooked during regular interior cleaning.

We then steam clean your carpet and mats, seats and/ or leather condition your seats. Any marks on your car’s roof lining are also removed. This process removes all dirt and stains, returning the leather and/ or fabric/carpet back to a super clean state which is as good as new.

Our leather treatment begins with a thorough cleaning process to remove dirt and grime which gradually builds up over time. Once clean, we moisturise your leather with our special conditioner which enables the leather to maintain its soft natural character and protects it from drying out, cracking or staining.

Once this is completed, all interior trimming, consoles and dash are cleaned with our special interior liquid, reaching those hard to get to places such as vents. We then finish off with a gloss, wiping down all surfaces, leaving a truly satisfying result.

Our full detail service is highly recommended, as we literally clean every inch of your car. The results are undeniably incredible.

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