Cut & Polish

Cut & Polish


Cut & Polish

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A cut & polish is the ultimate service required to get your paint back to show room condition. As years go by, your paint gradually ages with the exposure to sun, dirt, bugs and wear-and-tear, this effectively eats away at your clear coat, exposing the paintwork underneath, resulting in scratches, and a dulling or change of colour.

Regular washing and waxing, as well as garaging helps slow this process, but eventually a cut and polish is needed in order to restore your car’s surface and shine. It’s a terrific way to increase the value of your car if you’re thinking about selling, or to simply restore that true colour and shine it once had. Either way, it’s bound to turn heads.

Cut and polishing is a multi stage process that takes place after carefully washing and applying a clay bar to the paintwork, removing all contaminants. One of our experienced staff will then apply a buff machine to the surface, with the addition of cutting compounds to remove scratches and blemishes from your paintwork.

Once the paint is free of scratches and abnormalities, we apply our high quality polish and wax by hand, then buff it again to bring out the shine and protect the finish of your car.

Come in and speak to us today, we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote and indication of what your car requires.

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