About us

About us

Geelong Hand Car Wash first opened in 2017.

But what started then as a small establishment, ran by a few former friends and car detailer’s, has now grown to become Geelong’s best independently owned car wash. We were not the first of its kind in the state, but we lead the pack in serving customers looking for a high-quality wash, at a reasonable price, with super friendly and professional staff.

With a variety of washes on offer, which aim to provide exceptional value and are finished in a time efficient manner, our service has filled the niche between time consuming and pricey full-service washes, and the do-it-yourself option.

Since opening our car care facility in 2017, both the owners and the staff have been the driving force behind the company that has washed hundreds of thousands of Cars, Trucks, Utes and Vans throughout the Geelong Region.

Why We’re the Best

Easy Booking

First things first, you’ll need to either book an appointment with us over the phone or online… or just drop by and see if we have a vacant time slot!

Hassle Free

Gotta drop and run? No problems! We understand time is money! Drop your car off early in the morning before work and return to pick it up during your lunch break! 

Additional Services

Besides providing the ultimate exterior & interior washing services, we also offer waxing, detailing and steam cleaning!

Awesome Pricing

One more thing! In addition to our excellent workmanship, we’ve also got the best pricing in Geelong! Just ask!

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